About Octopus

Welcome to the companion of the weekly octopus podcast, available on  iTunes and Stitcher. This series is an exploration of digital strategy, its place within the broader marketing ecosystem and the people who have made it their career. It is designed to help prospective digital strategists get started in the industry and chart a roadmap for their careers with insights and perspectives from those that have worked in this space and helped shape it.

Hi! I’m Nasser. I’ve worked in marketing and digital media since the late nineties and I’ve been struck over the course of my career that while this industry has been evolving at a ridiculous and accelerating pace, the fundamentals remain constant. People. Vision. Expectations. The key things that govern human interactions and success in this space don’t change. The way that we need to approach these interactions also remain constant. That is where strategy lives, in asking the fundamental questions and communicating vision in a way that aligns stakeholders and delivers on promises. This is true around the world and for all industries and business sizes, from the enterprise right down to the small business.

I’ve started this podcast and blog to help articulate this. My intention is to begin by providing my perspective on the space and then inviting guests who have made careers as digital strategists on to provide their insights into why digital strategy is important, the role of the digital strategist and what you need to do to be truly valuable and successful in your career as a digital strategist.

If you are starting your career in this space and are interested in learning more about how to grow and develop, please subscribe to the podcast and follow this blog. I will be posting transcripts and notes here so please comment; I would love to hear from you. Is there content you would like me to focus on or questions you would like me to address? This initiative is only going to be as good as you help me make it, so please take part.

If you would like to know more about me, you can find me on Twitter at @NasserSahlool or on LinkedIn.

Thank you.


Nasser Sahlool - Digital Strategist Canada

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